July 12, 2024
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2022 MOVIE: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (Download Mp4)
MOVIE: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022)

2022 MOVIE: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (Download Mp4)

MOVIE: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022)

MOVIE: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022)
MOVIE: Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (2022)

Craig, a young boy from a small town, befriends Mr. Harrigan, an older, reclusive billionaire.

The two form a bond over books and an iPhone, but when the man dies, the boy realizes that not everything dead is gone, and he discovers that he can communicate with his friend from the grave via the iPhone that was buried with him.


Genre: Horror

Release Date: Oct 5, 2022 (United States)

Stars: Donald Sutherland, Jaeden Martell, Kirby Howell-Baptiste, Cyrus Arnold

Language: English

Subtitle Language: English

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