2023: Uzodimma’s Appointees In Early Scramble For Owerri Fed Reps Seat

A number of the Governor-appointed members have already moved to occupying election offices in 2023 in the midst of the life of the administration of Governor Hope Uzodimma.

The race towards Owerri’ s federal electoral seat is not over, as some appointees of Hon. Ikenna Eleziyanya of the People’s Democratic Party PDP from the subzone of the All Progressive Congress, the APC, have already taken the seat.

Around four of the Governor’s appointee were, in the secrest of their next political adventure in 2023, two of the Owerri West and Owerri North Commissioners, a Special Advisor to the Governor from the Owerri Municipal Council of Owerri, another Special Adviser from Owerri North, who is closely connected with one of the Owerri region’s leading party leaders.

While this journal keeps its ambition under control, it has been told that it has begun strategic political movements by holding strategic political meetings and stimulating the APC in its fields, preparing the ground for achieving its ambitions.

A source who revealed the political ambition of some of the nominees to INNONEWS said, “Some of them are already employing the patronage from their respective offices, in order to assist them in realising their ambition to take the APC ticket for their representative offices

“Most of them depend on their friendship with the governor, who they think determines who gets what when the electoral offices scramble begins in the group. One of them is the proximity of its father to the governor to select the APC ticket for the office of the federal government of Owerri

It is uncertain, however, whether the zoning element in the party would play a key role in determining the next Member of the House of Reps to be one of the three local governments that make up the Owerri Federal Constituency.

The 2011-19 Federal Constituency was represented by Hon Ezenwa Onyewuchi of Owerri north (now Senator). The Owerri West delegate for the Federal District of Hon Ikenna Elezianya was elected in 2019. He holds the job at present. The pair is the Democratic People’s Party (PDP).

Within, the question of zoning could not come up because, in the choice of who will represent the Federal constituency in the House of Representatives in 2023, the APC cannot adopt or follow the pattern of the PDP.

Last week news media sources, together with the Owerri federal electoral district, speculated that over half of the appointed government members had the desire in 2023 to hold various election bureaux.

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