Cleric Decries Attack On Security Agencies In South East

According to Rev. David Onuoha, Anglican Archbishop of Owerri, Eccelesian Province, attacks against security agencies are equivalent to demobilising the region.

The Bishop also instructed the Governors of the South-East to defend the area effectively from any invasion.

At his Episcopal villa in Ezeoke Nsu, Ehime Mbano, the Imo Local Government Area, on Thursday Onuoha gave his recommendation in an interview with newsmen.

In addition to the security issues in Nigeria as a whole, Onuoha, Bishop of the diocesse of Okigwe South, in particular South East, reacted.

He expressed concern that, if not regulated, such safety loopholes could unnecessarily inhibit the South-East.

Onuoha noted Nigeria’s insecurity was overwhelming but passing and called on the leaders to respond to the challenge.

He mentioned ‘Ebubeagu’ as a late but welcome idea in the formulation of a security tool code called South-East.

In order to achieve efficient results, Onuoha invited the South-East Governors to focuss on its vision.

He called for a vigilance and a thorough investigation to reverse all the “heinous” crimes in the assault on the Police Command and the Correctional Service Center in Imo.

“I do not, but the Lord will. It is not the end of life that we are going through now. This is a process that is passing and I think it will be better tomorrow.

“The governors of the South East have long anticipated this outfit. They must equip the recruited to defend this part of the world from, among others, invasions of bandits and terrorists.

“We are looking forward to a time when the killing and destruction of agricultural produce will be a thing of the past so that our people will have cause to live in peace and security.”

The archbishop urged youth to imbue God’s good conduct and fear and to prevent others from using it to ruin their future.

He also urged the youth not to give up in search of greener prairies in the region.

Onuoha said it would soon be a thing of the past, the terror, misery, poverty and hunger that plagued societies.

He urged Nigerians to be stable, regardless of God’s knowledge and responsibility of the challenges.

“Youth should imbue the hard work tradition. In this current scenario, there are young people who actually survive.

“There is no ready-made money to run to other nations, there is no ready-made money anywhere,” the archbishop said.

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