Group Demands Sack Of Imo Interim LG Chairmen, Give Reasons

Save Imo, a socio-political organisation, has compiled a list of reasons why Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodimma, should fire the chairmen of the 27 Interim Management Committees (IMCs) in the state’s 27 local governments.

Ebube Ekenulo, the group’s founder and whistleblower, said in a statement that “by statute, the term of designated Interim Committee Chairmen has expired.”

“All, every, and any acts taken or taken a minute after the expiration of these expired Interim management committee chairmen’s appointments/tenures are unconstitutional, null, and void, including receiving salaries and allowances.

“Illegality is not the same as legality!

“As elected representatives of the people, the speaker of the IMHA, house leadership, and honourable members must fulfil their oversight roles and duties with extraordinary bravery. To the grace of God and your constituents, carry out your legislative responsibilities. I didn’t say battle our governor, but don’t act like an executive rubber stamp at the expense of the people you serve.

The group’s leader accused the Chairmen of inciting a crisis in the state’s town unions.

“Interim management committee chairmen have no business interfering with Town Union leadership or who becomes President General in any legitimate toga.

“Any IMC chairmen imposing Town Union leadership or dissolving an elected Town Union leadership or President General is an excessive misuse of authority, impunity of the highest order, and illegality that must be resisted by the citizens of such community or communities.

“Use civil disobedience as a doctrine of necessity to checkmate and counter these power-hungry IMC chairmen whose terms have expired, some of whom go around collecting bribes to repair and enforce unpopular PG on societies, and who have done more harm than good to the current government, debasing His Excellency’s growing popularity!

“No community in Imo State should allow any IMC chairman to resign or impose a President General on them. As people’s gallantry, resist it.

“Community-oriented associations/Unions should be allowed to drive social change in the communities where they are based without undue government intervention.

“His Excellency is hereby advised to exercise severe caution in dealing with these IMC chairmen; do not allow them to undermine your government through lip service and unbridled sycophancy, and do not allow them to jeopardise the foundation base of your second term unless you do not want to do a second term,” the statement read.

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