Owerri Jailbreak: NCS Gives Fresh Update

125 prisoners escaping from the Owerri Custodial Center were voluntarily returned to custody by the Nigerian Correctional Service.

More than 1,884 Centre’s prisoners fleeed from an assault on the premises on Easter Monday by unknown gunmen.

The NCS had informed Interpol that it had enlisted the services to help monitor the prisoners.

NCS spokesman Francis Enobore gave an update on the capture of the detainees. After publishing their data and photo, some of the returning persons were reported by their relatives and families, and were forced to return to detention as they knew that they could not run forever.

“The Nigeria Police Force has already surpassed Interpol.” He said. There is a lot of material from our website from other foreign organisations. We operate in synergy with some organisations that have called to obtain some details from our website.

“In all, 125 prisoners are in detention yesterday at work (Friday).

“Most of them return by themselves according to the information I have received. Both their images and data were shared everywhere, so they know that there is no hiding place for them.” We also reinforced the message that instead of becoming a life fugitive, they must return alone.”

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