Re Examining The Leadership Process In Imo State

Last week, when he queried the leadership process in Imo State, former President adviser, Mr Reno Omokri, made me wonder.

On the context of the former Governor of Imo State arrest, by one Chienye Amuchienwa on the basis of a love affair that had become a source of bitterness, Omokri tweeted “One ex-Governor has been prosecuted for attempted blackmail against a former Governor, now Senator Rochas Okorocha, by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, and by an Allegation made by one former Govt. What’s wrong with Imo’s management process? What can Imo do with champions, but vote in quacks?

Was Omokri correct in his evaluation or blabbing? Omokri, in other words, said that Imo State did not have the greatest control over its affairs. Half a baked governance was what we have witnessed in Imo following Dee Sam Mbakwe and significantly Achike Udenwa and Emeka Ihedioha who ruled for seven months and cannot be evaluated on this assumption.

This is apparent because the military abandonment government in Imo State has not changed significantly since 1999. The only “transform” the State experienced was the emergence after holding public offices of millionaires and billionaires. The state was lead down a road of perdition in the valley, with the most sought-after public office because the most secure path to power and wealth in a state that people destroy.

Imo State leadership has been dislocated for a long time. It collapsed. What is there is a stage for all gymnastics where desperate politicians orchestrate them.

Those who lack character, lack the charm and the candour to rule took over the leadership process.

Your passport for leadership in Imo State is a deep bag and connections around the river, helping them to control the results of the elections. An army of unemployed teens, hangers and political organisations are urging you.

The voting power in Imo State gradually disappears. In the democratic process people are losing fate, as voting no longer seems to count. Those who now reach power in Imo are the brightest and not just the best in politics.

After the departure from RBK Okafors, K. O Mbadiwes, the Nzeribes and Iwuanyanwus lately took over from Imo State leadership and political groups, politicians were bossing. They are the latest band of state representatives. The few that are trustworthy are short. They are undermined by a process of leadership which increases mediocrity and meritocracy in the trash bin.

Most of them have a political mindset of doing or dying. And as no other sector flourishes apart from politics in Imo State, they invaded the ‘sector’ which makes it the only booming industry.

In the South East region, Imo is the only State, with governors elected twice in additional elections and the Governor-Governor removed and replaced by a Court. There also emerged a Senator in the State, not by the vote, but by the Court. In the political lexicon of the state, the results of the dangerous development are a gradual loss of confidence in voting power.

None of our 1999 governors went through a leadership crucible or under the leadership of previous leaders. I’ve got to be countered. The level of governance that we have seen in the State over the years has been manifested.

We’ve noted a trend in which some government officials in Nigeria, who have done a credible job, are the results of political support and mentorship by major politicians.

Babatunde Fashola, former governor of Lagos state, is a fan of Late Lateef Jakande’s ideals. Ekiti State’s Governor Kayode Fayemi is a great admirer of Obafemi Awolowo, the Late Leader. And we can confirm that those States have become symbols of good governance and growth.

The standard of Imo State leadership since 1999 has not been overwhelming, as the leadership process has allowed a queer and sluggish process to rise to a ladder of leadership which only encourages those who are fittest and most political robust.

This is why a major leap in economic growth and development has not been reported by the State. It remained Nigeria’s long-term unemployment capital. There has also been a widening divide between rich and poor. And the backbone of the State, young people, are the hardest affected, jobless and hopeless.

In the last 20 years in Imo State, companies have not flourished. It has become horrific to do business easily. And the economy has stagnated. Work remained insignificant as infrastructure weakened. There has been a lack of resources in the state over the last eight years. Governance has been reduced into play and a comic display that has never been seen in the world.
It is only when those who rule can give the country the good governance we want that trend is not late for change.

The administration of Hope Uzodimma has the exclusive opportunity to change the storey. We can still get to Eldorado. It’s not too late to come.

“This is clear in that the military left governance in the Imo State has not changed significantly since 1999. The only “transform” that the State has seen is the emergence after holding public offices of millionaires and billionaires. The State has been led along the road to perdition, down the valley, with the most famous government official, as it is the safest road to wealth and prosperity for the people of a State”

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