Supreme Court Declares Frank Ibezim, Imo North Senator

Sir Frank Ibezim was disqualified as the authentic nominee of the All Progressive Congress (APC) for the Imo North Senate elections on Friday. The unanimous judgement of Judge Emmanuel Agim held that at the time the appointment was established a lawsuit barred that resulted in Ibezim being disqualified for allegedly giving false information to obtain appointment. This was filed by one of the aspirants, Asomugha Elebeke, who expressed interest in contesting the party’s main by-election.

Thus, the Apex Tribunal annulled, annulled and dismissed the concomitant decisions of the Federal High Court of Appeal and of the Court that annulled, on the pretext of perjury, the candidacy of Ibezim. On 18 March, INEC ordered Ararume to be granted with a certificate of return by Justice Taiwo Taiwo, of the Federal Court of Abuja.

The Supreme Court sued Inyang Ekwo, the Supreme Court, and the Court of Appeal who all overturned Ibezim’s candidacy because he made false statement in the documents he submitted to INEC. The decision was the same as that of the Court of Appeal.

The two lower courts found that Ibezim has ‘two distinct and irreconcilable titles’ and submitted three counterfeit results for that election to the West African Examination Council. It was owned, among other things, by one certificate Chukwuemeka Frank Ibezim and another Francis Ibezim Chukwuemeka.

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