July 12, 2024
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Hiring: Adeniyi Explains Customs’ Commitment to Adhering to the Federal Character Principle

Hiring: Adeniyi Explains Customs’ Commitment to Adhering to the Federal Character Principle

The Acting Comptroller-General of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, has committed to maintaining the Service’s integrity by conducting a transparent recruitment process that prioritizes competence and follows the Federal Character principle.

The Federal Character principle was instituted to ensure fair distribution of government appointments, promoting inclusivity, representation, a sense of belonging, and balance in the nation’s governance.

It is grounded in the concept of providing equal access to public service representation, preventing any single region or a few regions from dominating the country.

The Federal Character principle, first introduced in the 1979 constitution, pertains to public positions and federal organizations, aiming to mirror Nigeria’s rich diversity.

Adeniyi reaffirmed this commitment in Abuja during a meeting with members of the Presidential Amnesty Programme, headed by their Chief Executive, Major General Barry Ndiomu (retd).

The head of Customs also conveyed his unwavering commitment to enhancing cooperation with the leadership of the Presidential Amnesty Programme. He emphasized that this collaboration is intended to enhance trade throughout the nation and put into action fresh policies that will contribute to the economic advancement of the country.

He stated, “There are specific standards and criteria that we must not deviate from. Only by adhering to these conditions and specifications can we rightfully assert that we are achieving success.”

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He reaffirmed his dedication to conducting new officer recruitment in alignment with the Federal Character Commission’s guidelines, ensuring that “applicants from the Niger-Delta region will have equal opportunities as every other Nigerian.”

Adeniyi also conveyed his gratitude to Ndiomu and his delegation for their visit to the Customs Headquarters.

In response, the Army General expressed his appreciation to the Customs chief for their reception and expressed confidence in the Service’s new leadership.

He acknowledged the significant contributions of the Customs Service to the nation and promised to maintain their collaboration as partners in advancing the nation.

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