July 12, 2024
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See How Anambra Deputy Gov Dismantle Army Roadblock, Challenge Soldiers Over Long Traffic

See How Anambra Deputy Gov Dismantle Army Roadblock, Challenge Soldiers Over Long Traffic

Anambra Deputy Governor, Dr. Onyekachi Ibezim, on Saturday, dismantled a roadblock set up by soldiers in the state.

The incident happened on Christmas Eve when the roadblock manned by the soldiers caused long traffic on the Enugu-Onitsha Expressway, causing inconveniences to road users who were traveling home for the Christmas holiday.

A video circulating online showed when the deputy governor alighted from his vehicle after witnessing the long traffic, to confront the soldiers, while ordering his security men to dismantle the roadblock for all road users to pass by.

The deputy governor also took time to control traffic, urging drivers to move fast and avoid unnecessary delays on the road.

In the video, the deputy governor was seen cautioning the soldiers while insisting that โ€“ โ€œWe cannot continue like this in this country. This was not what the army used to be, you must stop this.โ€

Watch the video below:

The South East zone has been under siege by soldiers and police that have mounted checkpoints almost at every two kilometers in all the major roads in the zone.

From Aba to Umuahia to Owerri, Enugu to Abakaliki, Awka to Onitsha to Nnewi, the story is the same. From Aba to Enugu, a distance of 150 kilometers, there are at least 12 army checkpoints and over 16 police checkpoints, permanently mounted and a couple of stop and search police teams.

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